Butterfly to Dragon

Life has been... interesting lately. There've been a lot of ups and downs for me. A lot of changes. Plenty going on. I'm a fairly private person so I'm not going to go into much detail. My life has changed in a big way and I bring this up because it has been affecting my work. I haven't been able to concentrate. I haven't been able to focus.

I turned into a bit of a couch potato. I watched a lot TV, which anyone who really knows me will tell you isn't something I generally do. Don't get me wrong I love TV but I abhor spending hours in front of it. I get restless, I have to do something. That hasn't been the case lately. I've binged so many shows, some old favourites (like Peep Show), and some new to me (like Brooklyn 99). 

I found that I could get back to work if I didn't try to do it at my desk. I stayed in the living room with the TV on and start writing the plot for Dead Warlock. It worked. I took regular "breaks" where I would just watch TV with my pad in hand, but slowly I got back to work. Eventually, I managed to work with the TV off. 

Then another big life-changing event happened. The TV came back on. Not for long, though. I realised after the first day of slipping back that I was handling things wrong. I decided to let people in, be more social. Another thing that's not really like me. I started talking to friends and family. It helped. Surrounding myself with people was a much faster remedy. Getting things off my chest felt terrific. I had an idea. I got to work. The idea was huge so I had to rewrite the entire plot for Dead Warlock (still haven't finished in fact). 

There were still moments where I couldn't concentrate on my project, but I didn't turn to the TV. I turned to books. Entirely new books. I wanted something I'd never picked up before. I chose a James Patterson book. I didn't think I'd like it. It didn't seem like my sort of thing, but I wanted something new. I bought The Store and I loved it. Devoured it in 5 days. That's fast for me. I'm reading another of his books now. 

My new workspace. 

My new workspace. 

I'm also back to work. Properly I think. I rearranged my workspace and made it feel better. More comfortable. More new. Change seems to help. I wrote the first chapter of Dead Warlock earlier today and it flowed beautifully. So easy to write. It was a great chapter too. I'll share it with you in a week or so as soon as I've polished it up a bit. I hope the rest of the book flows so nicely.

To be clear, I'm not saying I was depressed. In fact, a lot of the time I was actually quite happy (there were also some miserable moments too). I just couldn't concentrate. It was like the changes were so big that they shocked me out of focus. I had to coordinate my life, find new ways of doing things. My life was so different and I needed to change myself and my surroundings to match it. I've done that now. I've transformed from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Actually, I don't like the sound of me being a caterpillar. I've transformed from a butterfly into a... dragon. Yep, I like dragon, let's go with dragon. 

So, I've had a funny old time but now I'm back. I'm writing this book and I'm determined to get it done and published in a month or two. I want to keep this blog updated weekly too. I'd like to be able to regularly update my Facebook page too, but let's not go overboard just yet. Baby steps.