Don't Be Held Back By Fear

I bought a rather expensive model last month. I like to build and paint models. I built this model and got it ready for painting and then I left it. I was too scared to start because I was worried that I'd mess it up and that would be money down the drain. It was only today that I finally realised I was being silly. Leaving it unpainted was just as bad as messing up the paint job. Worse in fact, because I hadn't even tried. I kept telling myself I'd wait until I was ready, until I had more skills. 

Today I said fuck it. I sat down and I put the first coat of paint on the bloody model. I decided that the best way to learn how to paint was just to sit down and do it. As I was painting it I was thinking about how this same situation is easily transferable to other areas in my life. 

I remember a long time ago there was a girl who caught my eye. I was too scared to ask her out in case she said no. (Eventually, I actually did ask her out. She said no and it was extremely embarrassing but at least I tried.) Quite recently I'd been putting off turning one of my books into an audiobook in case it ended up being awful and failed to sell. A few years ago I cancelled a job interview because I was scared I'd mess it up. 

Too often I let fear stop me from doing things. I shouldn't. If you let fear stop you from doing something because you're worried you'll fail then you have failed. On the other hand, if you try you might succeed. And if you don't you'll know better for next time. Unless there's a risk of death (or worse) you might as well just give it a go.