New Genre Difficulties

My current work-in-progress (working title of Hide and Seek), is probably the longest time I've ever taken on a first draft.  I started working on the book in November last year - I think. As of today I'm roughly halfway through. It's a very slow going project. My deadline was this month. Clearly that's not going to happen. 

It's a new genre for me. It is still urban fantasy but it's a bit young adult too. It's got an entire different structure to what I usually write. My usual books contain quite a bit of action, this one has much less. Although there is plenty of supernatural content in the book there's a heavier focus on the protagonist, her relationships with those around her and the more realistic problems she has to deal with. Her boss hates her and is constantly looking for a reason to fire her, her dad and her granny (the only two family members she has) hate each other and are always arguing. There's a new man in her life and she has to figure her way around her first romantic relationship. And, of course, she's just found out she's a witch. That's where it starts getting supernatural. 

it's all new to me and I'm still finding my way. I'm not going to give up though no matter how long it takes. I will finish this book. I can't let it hold up my other projects, though. Work on Dead Warlock will start next month which means Hide and Seek will have to take the back seat while I do that.