Everyone Matters

This week I've been editing Dark Warlock (Arcane Inc. Book 3). I hate editing. I always think it's going to be a much bigger task than it ever turns out to be. I seem to get it into my head that my first drafts are abysmal and will take loads of work to edit. That is never the case as this week has shown me. I do hit the wrong key a lot and autocorrect does put weirdly random words in my manuscript far too often but my work is nowhere near as sloppy as I always expect it to be. I've actually quite enjoyed editing this week. I've been enjoying the relationship building between Eddie and Inspector Richards, now that the latter isn't trying to bang the former up! I'm also enjoying the strain that Eddie's personality is putting on his current relationships. I'm trying really hard in this book to develop the side characters more than I have previously and make sure that they don't look like hand plot tools for the protagonist. I think I'm doing well at making Matt and Pete (that's Ashley's dad) have lives that continue when Eddie isn't around and lives that Eddie has an impact on. I've read plenty of books in which the side characters seem to just sit and wait for the protagonist to walk into their lives and as soon as protag leaves they go back to waiting again. Authors have a duty to make all of their characters as real as their main and I'm working hard to make sure I fulfill that duty.