Plot Twist!

I was doing a bit of research on angel this week because angels feature in the latest Eddie Lancaster book, Undead Warlock. I was reading up about Lucifer, first from holy texts, then his portrayal in various fictions. I came across the plot of a movie that Lucifer is in and could not believe what I read.

The ending of this film had a remarkably similar plot to the ending of my book.

Naturally, this made me sit up. I had been lying down, you see. I sat for a good few minutes trying to figure out how to proceed. Should I just pretend I hadn’t read the summary? If the plots were that close then people might accuse me of plagiarism whether I’d read this article or not.

I decided to watch the film and see how close they really were and then decide what to do. So, the following day I watched the film and, let me tell you, it was boring. It was rated a 7 or higher by IMDb which made me think it would be good. I suppose some people must’ve enjoyed it, but I did not. I had to wait right until the end too because that was the only bit that was similar to mine. It was a fairly long film too.

It turned out that my ending and the film’s ending were very close. My options were to rewrite my plot, and bear in mind that I’m about 40,000 words into this book too. Or, I could ignore this film and carry on anyway. After all, I hadn’t stolen the idea, I hadn’t even heard about this film’s plot until after mine had been written. if anything, the film copied me in advance.

I mulled it over for a few hours and came to a decision. The majority of my story is very different from the story of the film. The part that is similar makes up a very small portion of the tale. And it wasn’t copied because I hadn’t seen this film. So, I’ve decided to lave my books as it is. The elements are very close, but not the same. I’m not going to name the film because that would give away part of the plot for my book. Let’s just hope I don’t get accused of copying the film that shall not be named in the reviews!