Reunion Preview

I've been working so hard today getting ready for the Reunion launch that I haven't had time to write a blog post. I didn't want to skip a day, though. So, I thought it would be a good idea to give you the first scene from the book. Enjoy!

Clara was sitting alone at her desk looking at the report she’d just filled out detailing the events of the night of July 26th. The night she’d finally defeated Nickolas Blackwood. In the films people always felt so empty after they’d finally defeated their enemy, but not Clara. She felt fulfilled. She’d set out to do a job and she’d done it. Now, though, she had a new problem: Jamal Rasul. He’d pretended to be her ally, her mentor and her boyfriend, all the while he was Nick’s right-hand man. Now he was in a cage upstairs and she had no idea what to do with him. Not that it was her decision. Phil was director of SIT and it wasn’t even his decision. Sidney had forbidden anybody to go near the cages until he’d received instructions from his superior at Thames House.

The lift bell rang once and the doors slid open. Clara looked over in surprise. Nobody was supposed to use the lift entrance to the headquarters. The only way to get into the lift was via her office in the research labs which sat above them, hiding the SIT base. Being the majority shareholder of the company she had taken the CEO’s office, which had once been her father’s. She’d taken it more to protect the secret entrance to this place than because she actually needed an office. The company was run by more capable people than her. When the doors were open fully she saw that the lift car was empty. That was unusual. In all the time they’d been using the secret location there had never once been a malfunction. The SIT headquarters were protected by magic which was highly efficient. She stood up and walked over to the lift cautiously. She would have preferred to have some backup but she was the only person here tonight. Everyone else was either out on a job or at home. Even Sidney wasn’t here and that was a first.

When she reached the lift she peered in but there were no signs of any mischief. She stepped inside to get a better look at the button panel and as soon as she was in the doors slid closed behind her. She hit the “doors open” button but nothing happened. The lift didn’t make a sound but Clara knew that it was moving all the same, she’d gotten used to the very faint sensation of movement. She didn’t bother trying to press anything, there would be no point. She might as well just wait until the lift finished its ascent. She wasn’t afraid, just cautious. Since defeating Nick and laying him to rest at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean she found that there was little left to be afraid of. If she could beat him she could beat anyone. And thanks to Kayla she now had full control of her powers. There were few who could stand against her. She’d been having lessons with Vicky, one of the sorcerers who had joined SIT. Unlike Jamal, Vicky was actually helping Clara and her skill had grown significantly over the last week. Vicky said she wasn’t far off qualifying as a wizard. It was more progress than Jamal had achieved in months.

The lift opened on her darkened office. It wasn’t a surprise to find the light off. The office was rarely used so it would be more surprising to find the lights on. She was surprised when she stepped into her office and the lights didn’t automatically flick on. All the lights in the building were on motion sensors. The bulbs must have run out, although there were a lot of bulbs in her office and it was unlikely that all of them had died. Lights not turning on and a lift with a mind of its own. Something was going on. Something supernatural. Protocol was to call for backup in these situations. Clara was known for being rebellious but she wasn’t needlessly so. She reached into her pocket for her mobile phone, intending to call Phil, but found that it wasn’t there. She must’ve left it downstairs. It wasn’t a problem, there was a landline on her desk. She crossed the room and lifted the receiver, punching in Phil’s number as she did. One of the first things all recruits did when joining SIT was learn each other’s contact details. When she put the receiver to her ear she did not hear ringing, though. There was an odd sound that she couldn’t quite place. Then she realised what it was. Trickling water. She couldn’t explain why but she shivered. She put the receiver down and readied her hands. She might need them for a spell. One of the benefits of being a sorcerer was not needing to carry a weapon. Unless you were a weak sorcerer which she was not.

Using the dim light from the waxing moon outside she quickly scanned the office. It was empty as far as she could see. There was a bang from the corridor outside. Somebody was playing games with her. Somebody who was about to learn the hard way why you don’t try to scare a Winters sorcerer. She didn’t bother with caution. She was too angry for that. She stormed out into the corridor to catch the person who was sneaking around her building but there was nobody there. Her office door clicked shut and she was standing in the pitch-black corridor. She held out her palm and brilliant white light shone around her, lighting up the building. She saw a figure at the end of the corridor and then her light vanished. She was left in total darkness. She tried to conjure the light again but nothing happened. Her magic was failing. Her magic hadn’t failed her since before she’d defeated Nick. Vicky had said that her victory had boosted her confidence which had in turn boosted her ability. Apparently, her confidence was now gone. Her heart drummed in her chest and her arms trembled slightly. She’d never admit it but she was afraid and she had every reason to be. Somebody who was powerful enough to override the magic in her building was playing games with her and her own magic had failed her. She was alone and defenceless against whoever it was. But still, she was an SIT agent. She had to deal with this. She drew in a deep breath and settled her nerves. She stayed still and listened. Shuffling to her left. She turned and began following the corridor. She held out her left hand, palm up and willed light again. This time it worked. Only it wasn’t as powerful a light as before. It was just strong enough for her to see without walking into anything. It was better than nothing, though.

As she walked she was sure that the corridor had not been this long before. It seemed to be stretching on for ages. She should have reached a corner by now. As her foot fell she heard a splash and stopped. She looked down and saw a small puddle of water on the tiled floor. She looked up but there was no leak on the ceiling. Something was very wrong. She carried on walking. The farther she walked the more water she came across. The puddles got bigger with each step and soon she was walking through a seemingly endless puddle. And then she saw the end of the corridor. There was no door, just plain wall, and in front of the wall was a large box - large enough to hold a person. At least it looked like box, but all she could see were shadows and shapes. Her heart was beating dangerously as she grew closer and the shape became clearer. It was a long rectangular box with a familiar pattern. She could feel herself starting to shake. It couldn’t be. It had to be a trick of the mind. But when she reached the object she saw that it was real and she was afraid. The pattern was black with gold stripes and it wasn’t a box. It was a sarcophagus. The same sarcophagus she’d locked Nick in and then dropped in the ocean. And it was open. And empty.

She had to get out. Now. She wheeled around and there was Nick. She backed up quickly and stumbled on the sarcophagus, only just stopping herself from falling in. He looked exactly how he had the last time she’d seen him, only less tired. He’d had plenty of time to rest over the week he’d spent at the bottom of the sea. His eyes bore into her, his expression plain. Then the corners of his mouth tugged into a small smile.

“Hello, Clara,” he said softly and smiled. Then his hand darted forward. She felt her skin tear and her ribs break as his hand smashed through her chest. His fingers enclosed around her heart and squeezed. She wanted to fight but she was frozen in place. He yanked his arm out of her and she felt the most abominable tearing sensation followed by absolutely nothing. She literally felt nothing. Her legs seemed to disappear and she sunk to her knees. There was no fight in her. Nor anything else, it seemed. It felt like she was fading away. When her knees hit the wet ground her eyes became level with Nick’s hand. The one which had attacked her. In it she saw a human heart. Her heart. Then she realised what the weird feeling was. She was dead. As if the thought made it come true, the corridor started to fade and she began to float away like a leaf on the wind. All the while looking back at Nick’s smiling face. Behind him she saw another person — Alistair, the old man who ran the supernatural shop in town, only his face seemed to be melting like candle wax. The last thing she saw was Nick drop her heart on the floor like it was an empty crisp packet.

If you liked this opening scene you can find out more about the book by clicking here. 


Reunion (The Cedarstone Chronicles book 4) is very close to being released now (April 3rd), so I wanted to tell you a bit about what's going on in the book. Now, if you read the Arcane Inc. books (which are set 2 years after The Cedarstone Chronicles) as well then you've already been privy to a spoiler or two. You'll know a couple of characters who survive and you'll have read a thing or two about past events in Cedarstone. I should warn you that not all the things they say in Arcane Inc. are true - that's just what those characters believe to be true. 

So, what's going on? Well, Clara finished book 3 by trapping Nick at the bottom of the ocean and locking up his followers in the magical SIT prison. Now, she's given the job of getting as much information as possible out of them. Considering that one of them is her ex-boyfriend who was actually spying on her for Nick, that isn't a task she's looking forward to. I think that for anyone with half a brain it's fairly obvious that Nick isn't going to be down for long. It's just a matter of time before he escapes and Clara knows it. She knows that she has to make the most of her time and prepare for the day he returns. She needs to know how to put him down for good. 

As I said above, Nick will escape and when he does he will seek revenge one everyone who helped trap him. Sorcerers, werewolves, vampires, SIT and Clara Winters. He want's all of them to pay for their actions. That's not all he wants. He's still got his plan to resurrect his lost love. IN this book he goes on the hunt for the final thing he needs to make it happen and yes, he does try to execute his 600-year-old plan in this book.  

Richie is out for revenge on Isabella for murdering the love of his life and their fight ends up splitting the vampire clan right down the middle and starting a war between the sides. 

Henry Montford is still at large and now he's fed up of possessing other people. He wants his own body back. For those of you who liked Adam and feel like he should get some payback on the ghostly warlock, you'll be happy with this book. Adam does return and he does face off with Henry. I won't tell you the outcome because that would ruin the book.

So, I think I've told you enough. Lods of stuff to get excited about there. Unless you don't like the Cedarstone books, in which case, why are you reading this? Reunion is out Arpil 3rd. 

Upcoming Works

I've got a lot of projects on the go at the moment. I'm not writing them all at the same time - that would be silly- but I am drawing up plans for them all and hopefully, you'll be seeing them all by the middle of next year. Maybe even before. I want to use this blog post to tell you about what I'm working on in the order I plan to release them. 

Arcane Inc. 3: Dark Warlock

The third instalment of the Arcane Inc. series picks up a few months after then end of books 2. Eddie is still fighting the darkness curse that Rachel put on him and he's not doing very well. Inspector Richards, who no longer dislikes him, comes to Eddie for assistance on a case. Children are being kidnapped. At first glance, it doesn't look overly supernatural but then Eddie digs deeper. Over 600 children have been taken around Kent in the last thirty years and every child mentioned one name before they were taken: Mr Panomie. 

Mr Panomie was a short story I wrote for Horrors from Cedarstone II. It was my most popular short story and the creepiest according to readers. The character returns in this novel and all those questions the short story left people with will be answered. 

The Cedarstone Chronicles 4: Reunion

I don't want to say too much about this one because I don't want to give anything away. It picks up about a week after the events of book 3. Nickolas is at trapped at the bottom of the ocean and his disciples are locked away in the SIT facility. Despite this, Clara Winters does not feel very safe. She knows it's only a matter of time before Nick breaks free and then he will come for her. 

Richie Morgan is hell-bent on avenging His lover's murder at the hands of one of his closest friends. His craving for revenge drives a wedge between himself and Victor Redmane which cannot be repaired. on top of that, Michael Aramaya, one of the oldest vampires in the world, is furious that Richie did not look after his sister adequately and he leads the Cult of Osiris back to Cedarstone. 

Henry Montford is still loose and attempting to restore himself to his former glory whilst keeping his presence hidden from the coven who currently have no leader. Eric is still trying to assert control over his pack whilst hiding the fact that he murdered both the former alpha and his own mother. He also has to help his girlfriend through her first werewolf transformation. Plus, the ancient Set is on his way to finally exact revenge on the jinn race. 

There is so much more going on in this book but I don't want to say any more than I have. I plan to release it in January so there isn't long to wait!

The Medway Vampires Series Book 1

That isn't the title for the series, it doesn't have one yet, although that does have a ring to it. This book follows Aldric Ashworth, a 200 hundred-year-old vampire who works for the Master of the vampire Syndicate. The Syndicate is a group of vampires who are attempting to unite all the vampire clans into one massive clan with one ruler: Sebastian Redvers. 

Aldric has worked very hard to conquer the Medway clan and has been promised the position of Governor of Chatham. When Sebastian goes back on his word Aldric decides he put his loyalty in the wrong person and perhaps the Syndicate needs better leadership. 

This story was inspired by House of Cards. It is a political vampire novel: House of cards with vampires. I'm not sure if there's much of a market for this sort of book but I've got two books planned and if it turns out that nobody likes it then I'll end it after the second book. You can read the first scene of the book here.

The Alexis King Series Book 1: Test Tube Witch

This series will be a young adult series. It's aimed at a younger audience because my niece asked me to write a book that she can read. The other books are not suitable for children. I want this book to be enjoyable for adults as well. 

Alexis King is a girl in the UK foster system and she's not having a good time. After thing go wrong at her latest home she is taken by an unusual agency and experimented on. The experiment turns her into a witch and she is sent to a school for sorcerers to uncover a sinister plot.

That is as far as I've got with the planning of this novel. Like the vampire series it is a bit of an experiment and if it doesn't work there'll only be one book. You can expect to see this book around May time. 

So, there you go. A little snippet of what I'm working on. The most exciting thing about all this is that all four of these series are linked. I'm building my own literary universe which will allow crossovers between the series. The Alexis King is the exception. That series will be in the shared universe but there won't be any real crossover because the other series aren't suitable for a younger audience. What it does mean is that as the readers get older they can move easily into the adult series. I do have crossovers planned for the other three series already. Cedarstone characters will start appearing in the Arcane Inc. series from book 3 and I am planning a major crossover book next year. 

So, what do you think? I'd love to read your thoughts on all this so leave a comment below.