Taking Time To Relax

My day job is ridiculously busy at the moment. The lab haas turned into a hell-hole. The work is piling up and each day we lose a bit more ground. I manage to just about remain calm throughout the day. I carry on doing what I can and still find ways to enjoy my job and smile (I don't smile all day, that would be silly!). 

I manage this by relaxing regularly. I used to rush about. I'd get up as late as possible giving myself the bare minimum time to get to work. That didn;t really work for me. It resulted in me being grumpy at times. Now, I get up hours before I have to work. I go to the gym for an hour and then get to work without at least half an hour to spare. That way I've got the time to just relax and do something I enjoy before getting to work in the lab. I make sure I take a long enough break to relax in the middle of my day as well. 

I think that this is how I manage to remain calm despite the fact that the lab is getting ever closer to the point where it is going to implode. I believe that if you just take time away from the stress, relax and enjoy yourself, then the stress is much easier to deal with. I could be wrong. Maybe I'm going to lose my shit any day now. We'll find out soon enough I suppose. Until then, I'll just try to relax. 

Taking Control Of The Situation

Today my day job was quite stressful. Everything was a bit manic. When I arrived the entire lab was an absolute mess. Nobody seemed to know what was going on with anything. The phone would not stop ringing. We had too much work to get done by the end of the day and one of the machines broke down. 

it was too much. I'm usually able to keep when things get stressful but today it got to me more than usual. Maybe I was tired. Maybe it was something else. Either way, it got to the point where I wanted to walk out and go home and never come back. I didn't do that. That would have been a huge mistake because I usually enjoy my job. 

I did walk out but I only went to the toilet. I sat down on the toilet and took some deep breaths. I cleared my mind as best I could and then considered the situation. I thought about what was stressing me out. One thing was the idea that I might have to stay late to get the work finished. That was not good for me because I had a lot of work at home to do. I made the decision right then that no matter what I would not stay and that seemed to help my state of mind. I then thought of what I needed to do to get things in a reasonable state to go home on time. Then I went through each thing that was stressing me and found a reasonable solution. Once I'd finished I went back to the lab and took control. Everything was a lot better. I was no longer stressed. I even got the broken machine running again. 

I was letting the situation control me rather than controlling the situation. When things get too much take a step back and organise your mind. This is definitely a practice that I intend to do more in the furture.