Boring Grown-up Books

I've been reading thrillers. It's not my usual genre. I usually stick to fantasy books. Whenever I'd see the thriller section it just reminded me of the books you find in the supermarket or in airports. As a child I always thought of them as boring grown-up books. I guess I carried that bias with me into adulthood. So even though I am a grown-up I still didn't want to read boring grown-up books. 

I recently picked up a book by James Patterson called The Store. It was one of those boring grown-up books. Turned out I loved it. Burned through it in days. Picked up another. I don't know when it happened, but I have started liking boring grown-up books. Turns out they're not boring after all. 

It's good. It's opened me up to new possibilities. I'm going to branch out and read other authors in the genre. Maybe after a while I'll pick up another knew genre. Maybe I'll carry the practice into other areas of life. I could find something else I've always deemed to be boring and give it a go. Maybe the stock market. Actually, that's probably a bad idea. Perhaps something a little less risky like gardening. Now that really does seem boring.