Healthy Thursday

I was healthy today. Sort of. Well not that much actually. But more than usual. 

I went to the gym this morning and worked out before going to the day job. I haven't been to the gym for about a week because I had too much work to do. Despite that, I had a great workout and stayed there a bit longer than usual. 

Naomi is working lates this week which means I have to prepare my own dinners. Before you start thinking there's some sort of sexist dynamic to our relationships let me explain. Naomi studied catering and works in the industry so the kitchen is her area. She likes to cook and I do not. So, usually when I have to do my own dinner I just get a pizza or something with chips. Tonight I decided not to. I set aside some time, pulled out the healthy recipe book and actually cooked a proper meal. It was delicious. It was grilled chicken with jade mash. I didn;t realise beforehand that jade mash was just mashed up veg. The mash was my favourite part though. I really didn't think mashed veg could taste so good. It was so good that I'm taking some to work tomorrow for lunch. 

So far it seems pretty healthy. I even ate fruit throughout the day. Unfortunately, the dinner was so nice I ate way too much of it! I need to focus on portion control I think. Also, I ate a whole bag of mini eggs in the lab. So yeah, not greatly healthy. But healthier than usual. And now I know I really like healthy food I'll try more of it. I'm going to cook something else tomorrow. Something with pork I think. I can't remember. I'll try not to eat so much, though.