Taking Time To Relax

My day job is ridiculously busy at the moment. The lab haas turned into a hell-hole. The work is piling up and each day we lose a bit more ground. I manage to just about remain calm throughout the day. I carry on doing what I can and still find ways to enjoy my job and smile (I don't smile all day, that would be silly!). 

I manage this by relaxing regularly. I used to rush about. I'd get up as late as possible giving myself the bare minimum time to get to work. That didn;t really work for me. It resulted in me being grumpy at times. Now, I get up hours before I have to work. I go to the gym for an hour and then get to work without at least half an hour to spare. That way I've got the time to just relax and do something I enjoy before getting to work in the lab. I make sure I take a long enough break to relax in the middle of my day as well. 

I think that this is how I manage to remain calm despite the fact that the lab is getting ever closer to the point where it is going to implode. I believe that if you just take time away from the stress, relax and enjoy yourself, then the stress is much easier to deal with. I could be wrong. Maybe I'm going to lose my shit any day now. We'll find out soon enough I suppose. Until then, I'll just try to relax.