Treachery. War. Revenge.

Cedarstone is at war. With the council eliminated the sorcerers, vampires and werewolves are all fighting for control of the town. Clara Winters is part of SIT, a team dedicated to keeping order and stopping the town from tearing itself apart. But Clara has problems of her own. 

Nickolas Blackwood murdered Clara's father and now she wants revenge. But how do you kill an immortal? Now the curse is broken, Clara is experiencing her magic for the first time in her life. Jamal teaches her how to master and control it and she starts to grow close to him, all the while not knowing that he is the right-hand man to none other than Nickolas Blackwood. 

As Clara and her teammates struggle to take control in town more trouble is on the way. The Cult of Osiris, the oldest and deadliest group of vampires, is coming for Richie Morgan, and they will annihilate anything that gets in their way. 

The Cult of Osiris is a contemporary fantasy novel stuffed with fast-paced action, violence, horror and a little touch of romance. 

Available in Kindle Unlimited. 

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"It is definitely a good book to curl up with when you have plenty of time and solitude to read it." - KarmelRead2665, Amazon Reviewer