The Dead Warlock has risen and his eye is on Eddie

His name is a whisper in the darkness. He is a shadow in the night. For centuries he stalked the earth leaving death and destruction in his wake. Sorcerers feared to talk of him. Vampires feared to face him. Then one day he was simply gone. Vanished. Dead. But can the world's most powerful warlock ever truly die?

Now the warlocks rally to a newly appointed leader. The greatest warlock who ever lived has taken his place at their helm. The Dead Warlock has returned.

The Alliance of Covens has been growing stronger under Clara's rule. The warlocks do not like it. They too have been increasing their strength. War has begun and even in Maidstone nobody is safe. Not even Eddie.

Eddie must choose a side. The sorcerers or the warlocks. Whatever he chooses will shape his future, but will it be for better or for worse?

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This book is brilliant. What a ride. The character arc, along with the twists, meant I couldn’t put it down.
Wow!! This book is amazing!!