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Phoenix Born is available now!

Jacob Graves is the legendary assassin: The Wraith. There was nobody he couldn't kill. Until he met Kagen Payne...

My name is Jacob Graves, wizard, and legendary assassin. When I took the contract to kill Kagen it seemed like any other job. It went like any other job too. Until Kagen came back from the dead.

It doesn't take me long to figure out that Kagen is no ordinary guy. He's a Phoenix-Born; a man with the abilities of a phoenix. Every time he dies his body burns and he rises again from the ashes. Pretty cool, unless you're the one trying to kill him.

Things get even worse for me when I find out the girl I've been seeing, Ruby, already has a fiance. He finds out and wants revenge. And he'll stop at nothing to get it, including killing his own fiancee to frame me for the murder.

I have to prove that I didn't kill Ruby before I end up in jail. And I have to find a way to kill Kagen permanently before he kills me.

But how do you kill a man who won't stay dead?

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