Sean Stone lives in Maidstone, Kent. He has studied, acting, writing, literature and psychology and currently works as a lab technician in Maidstone. 

As a child he was an avid reader and developed a taste for horror and fantasy books. He soon wanted to try his hand at writing his own books. He used to get into trouble at school for writing stories during Geography and Graphics lessons. 

In November 2014 he published his first book. It was a small collection of short horror stories called Horrors from Cedarstone. He published two more collections before bringing the Horrors from Cedarstone series to a close. 

In November 2015 he pushed his first novel. Cursed is the first book in his dark urban fantasy series; The Cedarstone Chronicles. Many of the characters from the short stories crossed into his novel series. One thing that has always fascinated Sean is authors who interconnect their works with crossovers and easter eggs. To date, all of his books are set in the same universe and contain crossovers or easter eggs of some kind.

In April 2016 he published Warlock for Hire, the first book in his urban fantasy series: Arcane Inc. The series follows a warlock named Eddie Lancaster who sells his magical services. Unlike his other works, Arcane Inc. is set in a real town (Maidstone) and Sean tries to keep all of the settings as real as possible, although some artistic creativity has to be used occasionally. Warlock for Hire has been Sean's most successful book to date and the series is now his primary focus. 

Sean writes a regular blog and loves communicating with his readers. To get in touch you can email him via the contact page and he'll get back to you personally.