Oppressed. Kidnapped. Murdered.

The supernatural races of Cedarstone have been subjugated by the council for thirty years. Now Arthur has had enough. A curse created by the council robbed Arthur's coven of their magic three decades ago.  Now the curse is about to reach completion, and if Arthur doesn't stop it then the coven will remain powerless forever. 

With no magic and no allies, Arthur only has one option. He must wake Nickolas Blackwood. Nickolas is an immortal warlock, imprisoned by Arthur's father 54 years ago. By releasing him Arthur risks adding another name to his list of enemies, but Nickolas is the only one who can fight the council. Will Nickolas help Arthur break the curse, or will he seek revenge and join the ranks of Arthur's enemies? 

Cursed is a contemporary fantasy novel stuffed with action, mystery, horror and all-out supernatural warfare. 

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"I really enjoyed this book. The characters were very interesting, and the plot had several twists that I didn't expect. Give "Cursed" a try if you're looking for something a bit different from the typical vampire, werewolf, witches literature on the market right now." - Nicole Little, Amazon Reviewer.