Evil won't stay buried.

Nickolas Blackwood is locked in the Horus Sarcophagus and buried beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Clara knows he won't stay buried for long and since she orchestrated his downfall she's the one he'll come to kill. She needs to find a way to kill him forever before he comes for her. Finding help is not so easy. 
Even with Nickolas gone, the tone is not at peace. The vampire clan is in the midst of a civil war after Isabella Redmane killed the high elder, Richie's, lover. The werewolf alpha is having trouble keeping control of his pack and the sorcerer's coven is unable to help either. Despite being in a coma, the coven leader, Adam Kent, has gone missing. Henry Montford is responsible but will the coven figure it out before he kills them all?
Clara has Nickolas' disciples locked up and is given the task of interrogating them. Torturing them if need be. But they aren't cooperating. 

Can Clara learnt the secret to ending the life of the immortal warlock, Nickolas Blackwood, or will she see him return to Cedarstone and tear out her heart?

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