Rachel Lecon murdered Eddie's parents. Now she's come back for him....

Eddie Lancaster has been running from Rachel for 13 years. Now she's finally caught up with him. This time his friends are in her crosshairs too. Running is no longer an option. Eddie must stand and fight the woman who has haunted his nightmares for over a decade.
But the odds are stacked against him. Rachel is a far more powerful warlock than Eddie and with a newly improved mind-control serum in her arsenal, there is nobody she cannot command.

Eddie is going to have to be smart if he is to defeat Rachel. One wrong step and she will plunge his life into chaos again. But how can he beat the woman who taught him everything he knows?

If you like Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Shayne Silvers, Steve McHugh, Patricia Briggs, Shannon Mayer, or Ben Aaronovitch, you will LOVE the second installment of the Arcane Inc. series. 

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